Our History

In 1970, Hank Vanderkooi began milking 50 cows at the S. Parallel location in Abbotsford, BC. The milking parlour was constructed in 1973. Gradual expansion through out the 1980’s included modest quota acquisitions, building additions and a 20 acre land purchase. During the mid 1980’s Abbyview Farms Ltd. (AFL) was incorporated with Hank and Henrietta Vanderkooi as shareholders. In the early 1990’s AFL owned 75 acres and was milking 90 cows with a 28 kg/day average.

In 1994, AFL initiated the first of several acquisitions in an effort to expand its operation. Cows and quota were purchased from Kennettas Farm increasing the milking herd size to 125 cows. It was at this time AFL began milking 3x/day. Late in 1996, cows and quota were purchased from Witteveen Farm to increase the herd size to 175. AFL also arranged to rent the Witteveen farm for 10 years and to feed its dry cows at that location. In early 1998, cows and quota were purchased from Aldervista Farm increasing the herd size to 250 cows. A Coverall barn was constructed and an arrangement was made to raise AFL young stock at the Aldervista location.

In 1999 some quota was sold to finance a large acquisition; a 250-acre farm with quota located in Saskatoon, SK. By August 1999 renovations were complete, including a new double 12 parallel milking parlour to milk 150 cows trucked in from BC. In 2000, additional quota and cows were purchased to increase the milking herd size to 200 cows. In the fall of 2001 the Saskatoon division purchased 200 acres and constructed a new barn and EMS to accommodate 125 more cows and quota. In 2002 a close-up dry cow/ heifer transition barn will be constructed, as well as the acquisition of 50 more cows and quota.

In March of 2004, Dal-Haven Dairies located near Dalmeny, SK was acquired. Dal-Haven includes a going concern dairy farm on 240 acres milking ~200 cows.

In July of 2005, the assets of Crown Valley Holsteins was purchased. The cows and quota were transfered to the S. Saskatoon operation and the land and buildings will be utilized for heifer-rearing.

The VGC has three locations, milks 800 cows with a 35 kg/day average, owns 750 acres and rents and additional 1500 for various forage crops.

In 2003, the contract for hauling wet brewers grain from Great Western Breweries was purchased form David Martins and Saskview Transport was established as an affiliate company.